Seven Mistakes that Lead to “Painter’s Regret”

As a homeowner, if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you likely know someone who has. It’s a high statistical reality...and not just among do-it-yourselfers.

The work, the planning, the inconvenience (try going a single day without a kitchen or bathroom), and of course, the expense. You want a new look for your living room, your bedrooms, your kitchen, or even the whole home exterior. You have your paint swatches, and you’re excited about your color choices.

Until, that is, the paint is applied and the job is finished: You hate it. It’s not what you expected! And now, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT. Your budget is blown; the job is done. Each time you enter that room and see those walls, you’re overwhelmed with only one feeling: Painter’s Regret.

At New Look Painters, we’ve declared WAR on Painter’s Regret. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the top Seven Mistakes to avoid when it comes to residential painting and design (whether you hire a professional or do it yourself).

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